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La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison

Situated a short garden walk away from the main house, La Petite Maison has a charming bed/sitting room with views of Beynac Chateau and village, and a pair of doors which open into the garden with a wonderful vista down the Valley of the Five Chateaux.

Adjoining the main room is its ensuite with glass enclosed shower. The kitchenette also opens onto the garden.

Breakfast can be self catered or guests may of course avail themselves of the breakfast options offered in the main house.

Whilst guests may provide their own drinks, a range of wines and other beverages, selected by your hosts, is available for guests to purchase on the basis of an honour system. There is also a complementary tea and coffee station in the dining room of the main residence.

In the adjacent garden under the yew tree, there is an outdoor table setting. The magnificent view down the valley is framed by an arch which supports an ancient rose.

. Bed/Sitting room – 16 m2
. Bed -1600 w
. Kitchenette – 6 m2
. Ensuite – 4 m2
. Non smoking
. Not pet friendly